Keeping your money and valuables inside your house is typically safe. But where exactly? You need to make sure that you have the perfect place to hide your hard-earned cash or valuable items. You don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands.

Check these simple but clever locations where you can hide them.

1. Inside an opaque pill bottle

If you have an empty medicine or pill bottle that is not clear, you can use it as a secret safe. Your money would be conveniently in a place where you would not forget but where no one would suspect finding money.

2. In a picture frame

Inserting a few bills between the pictures and the frame’s backing is a unique way to stash your cash. Looking at the pictures, people would never know there is money within.


3. Under the drawers

The logic behind this is that people are more likely to look inside the drawers instead of under them. Just tape it securely.

4. Behind a wall clock

Hiding money behind a clock is one of the easiest ways to hide cash. Just fold the bill into eights and stick it in the sides of the plastic.

5. Inside a flashlight

Most burglars would not bother to check what’s inside a flashlight. So, you may wrap the cash around the battery and use the flashlight as usual.

6. In your pillow

Nothing beats keeping your money this close to you. Just stuff the money inside the pillowcase and have a peaceful slumber.

There many ways to hide money around your house. Just pick the one that you think is more apt to your situation. Then, use it and feel secure in the knowledge that your hard-earned money is somewhere safe.