Saving money can be as easy as timing your purchases for a certain day of the week.

In my opinion, the best and most practical ways to save money are also the simplest ones. The more complex the money-saving method, the less likely I am to use it. For instance, I got really into couponing several years ago, but all of the planning and clipping and calculating took so much time and effort that I eventually just couldn’t keep up with it anymore.

But if there is a way to save money that is straightforward and easy enough to remember, I’m all over it! And I’m happy to report that I have just such a money-saving tip to share with you today.

The idea is simple: plan and make purchases on the day of the week when prices for that item will be at their lowest. And today you’ll learn the specifics about the cheapest days of the week for 9 common purchases we all make.

The Cheapest Days Of The Week To Make 9 Common Purchases 1. Eat Out On Tuesday


Tuesday is a great day to take the family out for a meal. That’s because several restaurant chains offer “kids eat free” deals on Tuesday nights! Check with your local Applebee’s, Denny’s, and Chick-fil-A to see if they offer deals for kids.

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2. Book A Flight For Wednesday

The next time you need to buy a plane ticket, consider booking a flight for a Tuesday or a Wednesday. These are typically the cheapest days to fly. It may require a bit of planning, but you can save an average of $73 per flight this way!

3. Go To The Movies On Tuesday

Tuesdays are typically the slowest day for movie theaters. To compensate, many theaters offer special deals on Tuesdays to draw people in. Popular deals include $5 admission and 50% off popcorn. Check with your local theaters to see if they offer any special daily deals.

4. Book A Hotel Room On Friday

If you need to book a hotel stay, try to do it on a Friday or Saturday. Hotel room prices are typically at their lowest over the weekend. Why? It’s because most people plan their weekend trips during the week, meaning fewer people are actually booking on the weekends.

5. Stay At Hotels On Sunday

The cheapest day to check-in for a hotel stay is Sunday. Checking in at the start of the weekend is almost guaranteed to be much more expensive.

6. Buy Groceries On Thursday

For the best deals on groceries, plan your shopping trip for Wednesday or Thursday. These are often the cheapest days to shop. And as an added bonus, these days are usually less busy too!

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7. Buy A Car On Monday

Looking for a new car? You can research and do test drives any day of the week, but wait for Monday to actually make the purchase. Buying a car on a Monday could save you an average of 8% overall!

8. Fill Up The Car On Monday

If you can time it right, it’s best to fill your car with gas on Monday mornings. Gas prices are typically lower earlier in the week, and go up as the week progresses. Thursday and Friday are the most expensive days to fill up.

9. Go Shopping During The Weekend

Looking for the best day to hit the mall? You’ll find the best deals over the weekend. (But while the deals may be easy to find, parking spaces may be hard to come by!)

Do you time any of your purchases for a certain day of the week?

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