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Throughout history, few families have had the eye of the public on their every move more than the Royal Family has. Whether this dates back to the early days of the monarchy, or in recent times, the Royals have a hard time keeping anything secret.

Royal Family Trivia

Royal Family Trivia Royal Family Trivia

The British royal family comprises Queen Elizabeth II and her close relations. There is no strict legal or formal definition of who is or is not a member of the British royal family. Many members support the Queen in undertaking public engagements and often pursue charitable work and interests

Royal Family Trivia

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What year did Princess Diana die?

1. 1998
2. 1996
3. 1997
4. 2001
Question 2 of 13.

Who is Britain’s longest reigning monarch?

1. George II
2. Victoria
3. William IV
4. Elizabeth II
Question 3 of 13.

How old was the Queen when she first met her husband, Prince Philip?

1. 8
2. 24
3. 32
4. 21
Question 4 of 13.

Which church has been the setting for every Coronation since 1066?

1. Westminster Abbey
2. Royal Chapel of All Saints
3. Queen's Chapel
4. Savoy Chapel
Question 5 of 13.

What was the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first official royal tour after getting married in 2011?

1. Australia
2. USA
3. South Africa
4. Canada
Question 6 of 13.

How many great grandchildren do the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh have?

1. 12
2. 6
3. 9
4. 2
Question 7 of 13.

How old was Princess Elizabeth when she became Queen of England?

1. 27
2. 21
3. 32
4. 25
Question 8 of 13.

What is Kate Middleton's sister called?

1. Sarah Middleton
2. Trish Middleton
3. Pippa Middleton
4. Ann Middleton
Question 9 of 13.

Who currently holds the title of the Earl of Wessex?

1. Prince Charles
2. Prince Philip
3. Prince Edward
4. Prince Harry
Question 10 of 13.

Where did Harry and Meghan get married?

1. Windsor Castle
2. St Mary Undercroft
3. St Edward King and Martyr
4. St John's Chapel, London
Question 11 of 13.

The Queen does not need a passport to travel, and does not need a driving license.

1. True
2. False
Question 12 of 13.

Which monarch was on the throne during the First World War?

1. King Edward VIII
2. Queen Elizabeth II
3. Queen Victoria
4. King George V
Question 13 of 13.

In which country was the Queen’s husband, Prince Phillip, born?

1. Greece
2. England
3. Scotland
4. Spain

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Royal Family Trivia

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