Machine Gun Kelly’s first time directing a movie is already eventful — a parking lot attendant is accusing him of battery … something folks on the movie set say simply did not happen.

Law enforcement sources tell us the L.A. parking attendant filed a police report claiming MGK was upset over a delay in getting his car, and allegedly pushed the attendant in the chest. The alleged incident happened in a lot where MGK and his pal Mod Sun are shooting “Good Mourning with a U”

The duo’s co-directing and starring in the film, along with Megan Fox, MGK’s GF. Anyway, production sources say the attendant in question had wandered into the middle of their on-location shoot.

They claim the attendant was barking at a crew member, not MGK, to get out of the lot — apparently, he didn’t get the memo about the movie shoot. During that argument, we’re told MGK yelled at the guy to get off the set, but at no point did he make physical contact with the attendant.

Worth noting, the attendant waited almost a week before reporting the alleged battery to police. Also, he didn’t suffer any injuries and he told cops there were no witnesses. That’s interesting because he was on a movie set — we’ve spoken to multiple people who were there and did see it.


Our sources say, if anything, the case will probably end up at the L.A. City Attorney’s Office.

If the Britney Spears battery investigation is an indication, the MGK case may be rejected for the same reasons — insufficient evidence and no injury to the alleged victim.

This article originally appeared on Source and was reproduced with permission