Coca-Cola, or simply Coke, is one of the most recognized and loved carbonated drinks. However, contrary to what many people believe, Coke is not just for drinking. It has plenty of other uses. Whether you are looking for a way to use it on irksome stains, helping you clean the house, or even removing charred meat from pots and pans, it makes your life easy.

Here are some unusual ways to use Coca-Cola:

Cleaning Charred Pots and Pans

We all have those annoying pots and pans that have burnt food particles that are inconvenient to remove. To solve this problem, pour Coke into the pan and let it soak for a few hours or until the food particles release. The coke will soften up the built-up food. This will make it easier to scrub it away. After doing this, you will have spotless pots and pans!

Removing Rust from Tools

If you have any hardware tools laying around that are very rusty, try submerging them into a bowl full of Coke and leaving it on for 24 hours. Once the tools are done soaking, scrub them with a non-metal scrubbing pad or aluminum foil. Rinse thoroughly and allow the tools to dry. This will make all of your tools to be rust-free.


Removing Fabric Stains

Coke is surprisingly helpful when removing stains from fabrics. Coke easily removes grease stains and blood spots.

If you have any clothing or fabrics that have bloodstains or oil stains, just pour a mixture of Coca-Cola and laundry detergent. Then wash it. This hack is cheaper than buying expensive stain removers.

Cleaning the Toilet

To clean your toilet, just pour 20 ounces of Coke all around the bowl and let it sit for an hour or two. Then simply flush it. Coca-Cola is a very useful product to clean your bathroom without chemical-filled cleansers.

Exterminating Rats and Mice

This is the most unusual and most surprising use of all. What you need to do is to fill a bowl with Coca-Cola and set it anywhere it can be seen by rats and mice. These pests would probably drink this, and because Coke is carbonated, the pests will be unable to expel the gas and die.

Who would have thought that this popular soft drink could do all these things? Now, go buy loads of it to make your life easier. And refreshing too!