Here’s Kanye West walking through the airport like an Average Joe … and the lack of VIP treatment could almost make you forget the mogul’s a freaking billionaire.

Yeezy strolled through JFK Airport in Queens, NY on Friday … apparently leaving town ahead of Kim Kardashian’s hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” … but there was no special treatment coming his way.

As you can see, Ye even went through the TSA security line like every one else … getting herded through like cattle. Guess he hasn’t sprung for TSA Pre-check yet.

It’s interesting to see Kanye getting the hell outta Dodge before Kim becomes the first Kardashian to host ‘SNL’ … guess he’s not sticking around to see how her tutelage from comedy legends like Dave Chappelle pays off.

And it’s not everyday you see a billionaire mingling with folks about to plop down in coach.


Kanye West … man of the people.

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