Have you ever had one of those situations where you wash the dishes but afterwards the dirty water won’t drain because you drain is clogged? Then to add to the problem the cost of a plumber coming out to fix the clog is outrageous.

But if you happen to be a savvy DIY’er you can save all that expense by doing a few simple things. Take a look at some of these professional plumbing secrets on how to unblock your drain.

Water Flowing on White and Black Checked Bath Tub

A Few Great Ideas on How To Unblock Your Drain

These ideas are intended for you to get the water out of your sink. Not the money out of your wallet!

  • Baking soda and vinegar. This is a convenient and safe way to get that blocked drain flowing again. Start with equal amounts od baking soda and vinegar. For most household clogs it is recommended to use one-third cup of each item. As soon as you mix the two together a violent foaming action starts so it is advised to pour the concoction down the drain as quickly as possible.
  • Boiling water.  This is quite possibly the oldest trick used by plumbers, and in most cases can flush out a clogged drain in a matter of minutes. A lot of the clogs are made up of grease and oils that tend to coagulate in your pipes and a good quick flush of boiling water essentially melts through the clog restoring your drains function.
  • Salt and baking soda. Just like the baking soda and vinegar trick, baking soda and salt poured directly down the drain in equal amount of about a half cup each, followed with a quart of boiling water produces another type of chemical reaction that will eliminate most of your blocked drain problems.
  • Get out the plunger.  Having one of these handy devices stored under your sink is a very effective and chemical free way to unblock your drain. It may take more than one ot two plunges, but this tried and true method is probably the best bet to unblock your drain.
  • Liquid drain openers. Most supermarkets have a section where you can select a liquid drain opener. These are good to use if you can’t remove the standing water in your sink. They usually require you to pour the contents into the water and let it di the job overnight. Most liquid drain openers also recommend a boiling hot water flush afterwards. Please be careful using these products and follow the label instructions closely. 
  • Using a drain snake. As the name implies a drain snake is simply a small piece of flexible metal or plastic that you physically insert into the drain and ‘snake’ it down to where the blockage is. Then by forcing the snake through the clog it will break it up into smaller chunks that can flow freely on to the sewer.
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Final Thought

Nothing is quite as satisfying as making your own repairs around the house. But as with anything if the above remedies are not sufficient enough to unblock your drain, it may be wise to consult with a professional plumber after all.