Have you recently found yourself unable to go to the gym for your workout? Like many of us we now have to be a little creative when it comes to the everyday tasks we did before social distancing caused us to stay home. One of those tasks includes how to stay fit at home.
Here are some great ideas for you to keep fit while being home. Who knows you be even more fit than before once you get into these staying fit at home methods!

Not at The Gym?
Listed here are several great ideas on how to stay fit at home.
● Use the internet. Doing a simple search on the internet and you will find a multitude of free apps that are available for a quick at home workout. And the best part is that the majority of the apps are free to use. It also gives you a sense of exercising in a classroom atmosphere as most of them are using actual gym type classes. Here is a list of Free Live Home Workouts.
● Hit the road. If happen to be a runner, it is apparently ok for you to go outside for a run. But if you still prefer staying indoors jogging in place is a safer alternative. While you may not get the total workout from an actual run, you can however maintain those calves and thighs all while being at home.
● Jump to fitness. There is nothing better for your cardio program than good old-fashioned rope jumping. This exercise has been popular for many years and chances are you have a jump rope lying around somewhere just waiting to help you jump your way fit.
● Try a new YouTube channel. If yoga is your thing then try a search through the various yoga channels on YouTube. No matter if you are a regular at the local yoga studio, or just a newcomer looking for something different YouTube has a channel that is suited to your needs and experience level.
● Stretch it out. Working from home means that your regular daily commute has been changed to moving from the bedroom to the livingroom. No two or three block walks to your office. No two or three flights of stairs to your office. Your spending more time in one place which is detrimental to a fitness program. Take a moment to stand up and stretch your arms toward the ceiling and then bend and touch your toes. Doing this for two or three minutes every hour is a good idea at this point.
● Spring cleaning. This is not intended to be a joke. Everybody has to do some level of housework during the course of a day. Now that spring has sprung you might consider doing a few elaborate cleaning tasks that could involve moving furniture around or even rearranging it.

Keep at It
Consistency is the key to any fitness program. The more time you have on your hands then the easier it may be to use these ideas and more on how to keep fit at home.