You have a lot of ideas in your head. But you can’t seem to put your thoughts on paper. You do not know how to organize all these thoughts into one cohesive essay.

Many students dread having to write an essay. Unless you aspire to be a writer, this is one assignment that you put off doing most frequently.

There are many types of essays. It could be a narrative wherein you narrate a personal experience to impart a moral lesson. It could be informative wherein you provide readers with facts, data, and details about a certain topic. It could also be argumentative wherein you argue about an issue and defend your position.

But whatever essay type you are asked to write, you need to be organized. Every piece of writing needs proper structure. Essays must be well-structured to create a unified and cohesive body of text.

Typically, an essay is divided into three sections:

1. Introduction


An introduction is a preview of the upcoming discourse. It identifies the topic to be discussed, the background details, and the thesis.

A thesis is the central focus of the discussion. An effective thesis is expressed in a sentence (or two). It indicates your overall idea, opinion, or evaluation of the given topic. It is where all details circle back.

II. Body

The body of the essay is comprised of one or more body paragraphs. This is where you evaluate, explain, and illustrate the topic/thesis you identify in the introduction. For a cohesive body, you should discuss one subtopic per body paragraph.

Each body paragraph starts with a topic sentence. Also known as the focus sentence, this opening statement indicates the overall idea of discussion in the paragraph.

III. Conclusion

A conclusion is the wrap-up of the paper. This is where you can reinforce all the main points of what you discuss in the body paragraphs and make some final thoughts.

Different types of essays call for different techniques in writing. But the above information would help you get a solid base on your thoughts and ideas.

Now pick up that pen and start writing!