Book Review Forever Outnumbered

Simon Hooper has a huge following on Instagram where he talks about his life at being forever outnumbered by the X chromosome in his household – these are made up of his wife Clemmie and his four children Anya, Marnie, Ottile and Delilah. So his debut book ‘Forever Outnumbered‘ consists of the tales of his family life, with words of encouragement, tips of the trade and oodles of honesty; making ‘Forever Outnumbered’ an unputdownable page turner with laughs on every page.

‘This is the story of my journey into parenthood, from being a 24 year old man-child with no idea of what being a dad involved, to where I find myself today: the single male representative in a household of five women, or in other words, outnumbered. Our house is now known as “the place where silence came to die”. It’s also where you’ll find carpets that are made up of 50%

Some Reviews Of Forever Outnumbered by Simon Hooper

Since I’ve followed Simon on Instagram I knew his humour would make me laugh out loud. And as I find his British accent utterly adorable, I chose to listen Audiobook format, which he narrated himself. I had not listened and audiobook for a few years and I can now say it was a right choice and I should listen to books more.

This has, by all definitions, reached all of my expectations – and believe me, they were high. A huge fan of Simon’s Instagram and his witty beyong belief captions, this was by far my most expected book for this year: if his sense of humour and great talent with words were any indications, this was bound for sucess from the start.

After reading it though it’s definitely made me realise that I’m 100% not ready to have kids and I don’t think I’ll have more than two

amazing book. funny from beginning till end just like his Instagram! gives a great view of being a parent and all that could go wrong