Whether you’re a book-lover, a home design lover, or both, floating bookshelves can make a space feel creative while utilizing wall room properly.

The way these floating shelfs work is by using a bottom hardcover publication to conceal the racks. The end result looks like the piled publications are floating in midair.

Primarily, you require 1 or 2 steel wall surface braces. Screw them right into your wall surface to make sure that they’re level with each other. Likewise ensure they’re close sufficient with each other to hold guide you wish to put at the end of the shelf. eHow advises spacing them four-and-a-half inches apart.

If your wall surface is constructed from drywall, it may be a good idea to utilize drywall supports with your screws.

Now you just need to select a hardcover publication to place on top of it. eHow recommends cutting 2 slits in guide jacket before fitting the book back into area– you can see the additional guidelines here.

If you intend to avoid cutting openings in your book jacket, We suggest another modify– you can velcro the back flap to guide’s web pages. In this way, the brace sits in between the interior pages of guide and the back cover. Guide is velcroed with each other to ensure that the back flap does not hang down, and so that the bracket is hidden.