There are many things we already have on hand which have so many more uses than you ever knew. Whether you’re going green, looking to save some money on cleaning supplies, or at your wit’s end with the marker stained carpets read on for answers to saving time,

money and sanity!

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Baking Soda

In the refrigerator for freshness is not the only use anymore. Baking soda cleans coffee stains, upholstery, stains from carpets, and mix it with vinegar to clean the oven, or liquid soap, antibacterial oils and water to clean the bathtub.  Pro-tip: mix it into your toothpaste for super white teeth in just a couple of uses.



God old vinegar mixed with water cleans your blinds, toilet, microwave and coffee maker and you can unclog and un-gunk the dishwasher and shower head. Use it to kill unwanted patches of grass too! Just Don’t use it on porous surfaces without doing a 24-test first.  Pro-tip: use ¼ cup mixed with water after shampooing once a week to strip hair of unwanted buildup.


Not only something fun for the kids to play with outside or on a wall coated with chalkboard paint, it can be used on stained clothing before washing to help remove the stain.


We all know to put our cell phones in Ziplock bags full of rice if they’re soaking wet. I can’t say it’s ever worked magic for me, but some people swear by it. I do know what rice is good for in my house, and that’s cleaning the coffee grinder. Expensive coffee shouldn’t taste like the last thing that went through the grinder, so grind ¼-½ cup of rice after each use to clean out the taste and smell.



Toilets, garage floors, carpets stained with marker and hair are just a few of the things you can clean with coke. Hair?! Yes, coca-cola removes gum from hair. It also takes grease off frying pans, mold off grout, and gunk off your terminal battery.  What’s left is best used for a coke float at my house.

Cooking Oil

Cooking oil removes the sticky junk left behind by labels. It’s great for any container you plan to repurpose Coat your measuring cups before measuring sticky ingredients for to make for easier dishwashing later.

Dryer sheets

Rub one over your clothes to keep mosquitos at bay, then use it to clean the ring from the toilet bowl and grab a new one to buff water spots off the mirror and wipe the baseboards.

Clean sponges

Clean is the keyword, and how do we keep them clean? 30 seconds in the microwave kills bacteria and a round in the dishwasher keeps them fresh too!


A shattered glass or plate can cut your hands up. Instead, take a piece of bread and mash it over the shards to pick them up rather than using your fingers.


Play-doh is the ultimate glitter picker upper. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to clean up spilled glitter you know how time saving this tip is! Kids like the playdoh even better when you’re done with it and it glitters!

I probably already had all these things in my house before making this list, or even learning of all the uses for each item, so I know you’ll have at least some. Then, won’t it be nice to finally use a clean sponge without buying a new one, or flash a pearly white smile without visiting the dentist or spending a ton of money on messy tooth whiteners!

Bonus tip: Since it may be hard to remember everything you’ve just read, take a small note card and jot down the extra uses for each item above, then take it to the item for a quick refresher when you need it.