What a crazy world we now live in, so this year we have put together some simple, yet amazing tips to make your life easier.

1. Reheat Pizza

Who does not love home delivery, yes contact free that is, as we are all restricted to not going out to dinner as much, home delivery is on the up.

But what about the leftover pizza? I Know some of us will not have any left over, but if you do and you have tried to microwave it and end up with a soggy pizza, try this trick.

heat it up in a frying pan on low heat with no oil, in about 5min it will be as good as it was the night before.

2. How To Ripen A Pineapple Quickly

Yes the summer fruits of Gods, the pineapple is a perfect summer treat, be it for the kids or us adults. But when you jump to quick to buy them at your local shops and they are not ripe yet, it is a waiting game.

Lucky we have the solution, simply cut the stem and crown of the pineapple and turn it upside down and leave it for a few hours to speed up the ripening time.

3. How To Clean A Old Pot

We have all been embarrassed by our old pots with black marks that tend to find their way to the back of the cupboard.

Say goodbye to these dirty looking pots and make them looks like new again.

Simply add 1-2 tablespoons of baking powder into the pots, add some fresh tap water and put them on the stove and slowly bring to the boil, keep an eye on them so it does not foam and boil over. Leave on the boil for 1-2 minutes and turn off the stove top and wait for the water to cool.

Now pour out the water and give them a good rinse, amazing right!

4. To wine or not to wine

You gave it a good shot, but at the end of the dinner you still have some wine left over.
Instead of pouring it down the drain, here is a life saver that will help don’t to waste but also make the next evening’s dinner taste better.

Pour the leftover wine into your ice cube tray and you can use it for cooking in the weeks to come, a nice stock or spaghetti bolognese come to mind, mmm yum.