Sick and tired of your full closet? Do you have clothes that no longer fit you? It’s quite frustrating to think of ways on how to get rid of these clothes when you know that you spent a lot of money on buying them.

Don’t fret. There are several ways wherein you can reuse these old clothes of yours. Here are some techniques you can follow to turn these items into something completely new:

1. Makeshift an outfit for your pet

Your jeans can be turned into something your dog can wear. Just bring on those sewing skills of yours so you can make them small enough to fit your puppy. These pieces of denims may no longer look adorable on you anymore, but they’ll add cuteness and spunk to your hairy best friend.

2. Create a pillowcase

Old shirts are not easy to let go of, especially those with a fine, soft texture. You like their feel on our skin. However, since they no longer fit, they are cluttering up your closets.


You can remedy this by making them into pillowcases. That’ll put that softness into good use. Just cut the right width and length, sew the ends, and you’ll have something to cherish as you sleep.

3. Make bags

Take off a sleeveless tank top from your collection. All you need to do is sew the bottom together, making the two top ends the handles. That’ll be perfect for a mini bag that’ll hold your essentials uniquely.

4. Create headbands

Get some of your most colorful items from the closet and make them into cloth headbands for you and your friends. You may cut a long strip from the fabric and square them out. You may even start a trend!

5. Donate it to those in need

This is the best way. Someone out there can still get wear out of them, and you will do them a good deed. Think about it!

These are some of the many possible ways you can reuse old clothes. Whether you decide to give them away or recreate them into something entirely new, you’ll know that all of these will not go to waste.